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Our Mission
To organize festivals, events, entertainments and other initiatives which, in the context of sexuality and gender identity, across York Region and beyond, illuminate and celebrate human diversity, captivate the general public, inspire inclusivity and foster harmony and acceptance.
8 Reasons To Volunteer!
York Pride Fest relies on volunteers to plan and stage our annual Pride Week festival.
Working together in teams, our volunteers perform all of the essential work needed to make York Pride Fest happen.
Volunteering with Pride
Making Preparation for Pride In The Park 2015
As one of our volunteers you would:
  • Promote diversity and inclusivity in York Region
  • Contribute to the success of our annual Pride Week festival
  • Learn about and increase the visibility of the LGBT community in York Region
  • Help encourage our community members to have acceptance of themselves
  • Meet new people and work together with members of York Region’s LGBT+ community
  • Work in a supportive and collaborative environment free from harrassment
  • Gain valuable new skills and benefit from a variety of experiences
  • Get involved and give back
High school students can also usually earn OSSD community hour credits for time spent volunteering for York Pride Fest.